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The levels of influence in your business


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Our life talks about the influence we have around us. The way we interact with people determines how we will influence them.

There are many levels of influence, and in today's topic, we will discuss them.

In the life of an entrepreneur, the level of influence he has is decisive for the health of his business and the best possible interaction with his employees and collaborators.

1. Position.
At this level, people will listen to you just because you hold a certain position, and because of your titles, people will do what you say. This is the first position in the life of the entrepreneur. You need to grow from this position, do not forget: the influence lies at the core of leadership, ie the science of leading people.

2. Permissions.
People let you drive them because they want to. John Maxwell said: "Leaders conquer the heart before asking for a helping hand." At this level, your ability to connect with people is vital. You have to learn to relate to them, to make them want your presence and to be a pleasant company.

3. Production.
At this level, the keyword is RESULTS. Even if at some point you've managed to establish relationships with people, if they do not see consistency through results, they will not stay too close to you. The best of those around you want results, and if you do not, sooner or later they will leave you.

4. People's development.
We are constantly evolving through our nature. You, as a leader and entrepreneur, need to propel your people, to help them grow and grow. Both for them and for the fact that your business is all the better because the people next to you have a higher level of personal development. They will be able to successfully meet the challenges and give their best in every situation.

5. People follow you for what you are and what you represent.
If the first level is given to you by an authority, the last level is given to you by people, for what you represent as a human being. For the inspiration you give and the example of your success.