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The most common mistakes of a blog


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Many entrepreneurs have already understood the major importance of having a blog and the positive impact this can have for both users and ranking in Google's results. There has been a great deal of emphasis on this lately, so it's easy to understand that any business person wants his online presence to be as effective as possible.

Although they make efforts to do this by writing different articles about their work, about the products or services they offer, etc., while being aware of all the updates from Google, the results sometimes leave quite a lot expected because of common mistakes made by bloggers.

With every change Google makes on content writing and posting techniques, we are moving away from the general SEO principles, which often provide better results.

Let's see which are the most common mistakes that prevent us from reaching the maximum potential through the blog:

The keyword structure is not well optimized.

Keyword Reserch should be the most important stage when launching a content marketing campaign. As long as you do not know what people are looking for on search engines, what words or phrases they use, you will not be able to reach your target audience too easily.

Every text created, whether it's posted on the blog or is part of the content of the site, must be created around the words / expressions of interest to potential buyers.

Keywords are a bridge between the online user searching for your products / services and the content posted on your site. So optimizing these keywords helps to position the pages within the search engine results.

But do not exaggerate with content optimization. Too many keywords will send you directly into spam.

Internal links are inconsistent.

The internal structure of links is probably one of the most important aspects of SEO optimization. Why is a good structure of internal links necessary?

Establishes bindings between different pages or articles within the site, so users can quickly access complete information about a topic of interest.

Help search engines understand better about what's on your site.

While the structure of external links remains an essential point for developing your site, the internal structure greatly amplifies the results.

Content does not give readers value.

As we have repeatedly said, it is important that each text be written for readers rather than for search engines. Maintain a language as easy to understand, do not use too technical words, because you risk losing many readers for the simple fact that what you are trying to communicate is cumbersome and sometimes meaningless to them. Keep it simple and you will have much better results in the medium and long term.

In most cases, it is not even about posting a text, but creating awareness through it. That is, to be able to provide answers or solutions to the problems your target audience faces. This gives value to content and attracts attention to your products / services, which can help them solve the issues they face.

These three aspects can stand in the way of a harmonious development of the site, so do not neglect them.