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The new version of WordPress 4.9 - Tipton


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Version 4.9 WordPress, called "Tipton" in honor of the jazz musician and Billy Tipton leader, is available for download or update in the WordPress dashboard. The new features in 4.9 will improve your design workflow and will keep coding errors secure.

With features like design, lock, scheduling, and preview links, Customizer workflow now improves collaboration between content creators. In addition, highlighting code syntax and error checking will create a clear and fluent experience in building the site. Finally, if all of this is not enough, we have a new Gallery and improvements in browsing and switching themes.

Improved workflow in Customizer

Edits and schedules the site's design personalizations - Just as you can edit and review articles and schedule them to be live at the date and time you choose, you can now do the same with your site's design and schedule your changes design to be live when you want.

Collaborates with design preview links - WordPress 4.9 gives you a preview link that you can send to your team and your clients, so you can collect and integrate impressions before you schedule your changes to be live.

Design Locking to Protect Your Changes - Have you ever met a scenario where two designers are working on the same project and designer A overwrites designer B's beautiful changes? WordPress 4.9 design blocking functionality (similar to article blocking) protects your design from drafting, so no one can make changes or delete all of your hard work.

Assistance to protect your work - Did you have to leave the office before saving your new draft into the draft? Do not be afraid when you get back, WordPress 4.9 will politely ask you if you want to save your unsaved changes or not.

Enhancements for encoding

Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking - You have a display problem, but you can not really figure out what you're wrong with the CSS you wrote dearly. With syntax highlighting and error checking for editing CSS and custom HTML track inserted in WordPress 4.8.1, you'll find fast coding errors. Practically, it guarantees that it helps you to scan the code and understand and fix fast code errors.

Safety sandbox - The scary white screen. You will avoid it when you work with code themes and modules because WordPress 4.9 will warn you when you save an error.

Warning: potential danger! - When editing themes and modules directly, WordPress 4.9 warns that this is a dangerous practice. We recommend that you back up files before saving because they can not be overwritten since the next update. Follow the safe way: in the future, you will be pleased. Your team and your clients will thank you.

The new version of WordPress 4.9 also brings incremental improvements to the media changes released in WordPress 4.8, you can now add a gallery through a track or embed images, video, and audio directly into the track along with your own text with the simple button, but useful.

Improvements in site construction

Switching themes much safer - WordPress 4.9 enhancements provide a more persistent menu and exact placement of the pieces when you decide it's time for a new theme. In addition, you can preview installed themes or download, install, and preview new themes directly.

Find and preview the perfect theme - Are you looking for a new theme for your site? Now, in Customizer you can search, browse and preview over 2,600 themes before making changes to the site. In addition, you can speed up your search with filters for subject, functionality, and arrangement.

Better menu instructions, less confusion - Were the steps unclear to create a new menu? It would not have to be! The UX has been finalized for a more fluid menu creation process.

Last but not least, there are various developmental improvements that can be viewed entirely through the WordPress official page for all the complete updates.

WebmastersMind recommends that all customers that are using the Wordpress platform need update to the latest version of WordPress 4.9.