The role of marketing promotion


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Marketing is defined as an individual and organizational activity that facilitates and resolves exchange relationships in a dynamic environment, using the creation, distribution, promotion and pricing of goods, services, ideas...

The scope of marketing activities includes market prospecting in order to identify consumer demand and preferences to design different products and services based on them in order to set prices or change them at different stages of the life cycle of the product to prepare the launch of the offer and keeping buyers' attention, establishing distribution sources and product presentation and sales forms. Marketing means to act on the market by developing products and services and distributing them so that the consumer can find them at the right time and place in quantities and prices appropriate to their purchasing power.

Marketers, as specialists in the field, are involved in market research, product development, distribution, marketing, pricing and promotion, consumer communication.

This mix of marketing mix creates four divisions, based on four variants:
- the product, understood as a coherent set of advantages and functions for the consumer
- the price, understood as a package of strategies by which the level and structure of the final price are decided
- the distribution, defined by channels, networks and distribution circuits, logistics
- the promotion, defined by messages sent to various socialization sources for popularization