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The value of the Bitcoin has reached a new record


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The value of the crypt-coin that began all the current mania continues to grow at an alarming rate. Bitcoin is about to exceed $ 10,000.

In the last few hours, Bitcoin has managed to achieve a value of nearly $ 9900, with small decreases and a current $ 9,864.87 quote. The price for this crypt-coin does not seem to fall too soon, despite the announcements by some important banks that they do not see a future in Bitcoin, or the attempt by the government of China to limit its use. Even the two divisions in two other coins, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash, have failed to diminish their value, on the contrary. This division has probably increased its price since the world hastened to buy the main currency in order to benefit from the new crypt-coins generated.

Current estimates suggest Bitcoin will pass $ 15,000 next year, something that is not too difficult to achieve. In September, the crypt-coin had a value of only $ 4,600, and in early 2017 it would barely reach $ 1,000. Growth went smoothly until July when it began to rise and today it is close to 10 thousand dollars. Very likely, this value will be reached and exceeded by the end of the week.