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Tips for effective exposure on Facebook


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You have certainly heard of Facebook, the world's largest social networking site. With more than 1.23 billion active users per month, 945 million users accessing Facebook via mobile and 757 million users accessing the daily profile, Facebook continues to grow and increase its number of users. Studies show that people interact with their favorite Facebook companies more than they do through another social network. Moreover, the chances for them to recommend your company page and to purchase the products or services they offer are very high.

Before creating your company's Facebook page, make sure that you have set very well the goals you want to accomplish through it - do you want your business to become visible in the online environment? increase conversions? With well-established goals, you will build your strategy around them, which results in immediate results.

Add consistent quality content. You have to take into account that not all clients and potential clients access their Facebook page every day and, to make sure they have interest, post at least a few times per week relevant, original and interesting information. Do not forget to monitor each post to get closer to customer preferences.

One of the most interesting aspects of social networking is that you are in direct contact with 24/7 customer service. It is very important to answer customer questions, messages, and comments. Of course, there may be situations where customers are unhappy. When this situation appears, although it seems tempting, it does not delete or ignore these messages or comments. If your response is delayed, customers and potential customers will conclude that you are not interested in their problems and will lose confidence in your products or services.

When a user reaches the Facebook page of your business, they must have access to relevant information about your business and your products. It is also important that contact details (address, email address, website) are easily accessible.

The profile picture is basically the image that helps customers recognize you in over 1 billion active accounts on Facebook. The profile image must be clear both in its original size and in a size of 43 x 43 pixels.

Add a button that urges customers and potential customers to access your Facebook page both on your company website and on promotional offers and promotional materials. In addition, post on Facebook the videos on your own YouTube channel. This will make it easier for your other channel posts on YouTube.

Taking these tips, your company's Facebook page will attract a large number of visitors who will quickly turn into customers or collaborators.