Top Funny Searches on Google


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In a world where many of the information we need is found on the internet (there are 60 trillion sites around the world, and their number is steadily increasing), maybe it's no surprise that thousands of users They have come to ask the search engine questions that it would be impossible for them to know the answer. So today I will show you a top of the most ridiculous searches on Google.

Top 20 Funny Searches on Google:

  1. I'm pregnant? (90,500)
  2. How do I get home? (49,500)
  3. Aliens are real? (49,500)
  4. When you fart your body burns calories? (49,500)
  5. When will I die? (49,500)
  6. Why do men have nipples? (22,200)
  7. The penguins have knees? (18.100)
  8. Why are we here? (8100)
  9. Is Tooth Fairy Real? (8100)
  10. Are pigs sweating? (8100)
  11. My ass looks like 40 years old? (8100)
  12. Earth is flat? (5400)
  13. Am I a psychopath? (5400)
  14. Why does not my car start? (4,400
  15. Men have menstruation? (3600)
  16. Worms have eyes? (2900)
  17. Can a man be pregnant? (2900)
  18. What happens if you drink blood? (880)
  19. Can I marry my cousin? (880)
  20. Why does the boss hate me? (170)