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Top Link Building Technique


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The SEO white-hat techniques have evolved over the years, but one of the most important elements of the optimization process has remained the link building. For those who do not know the link building is an extremely precious SEO technique for various reasons.

Link building: quantity or quality ? Link buildingWho are tempted to focus only on generating links artificially, they should know that in this case too, the quality of the links that are obtained is very important.

Theoretically, the best backlinks are contextual (from an article, not sidebar or footer) from a site whose main domain is the same as your site, and anchor the text (the visible part Of-a hyperlink) is or includes the keyword you want to optimize for that page. The value of a backlink is also related to its age, the type of link (image or text), the text that links that link and relevance to the page to which the link is sent.
Although Google says that "backlinks should be obtained naturally," in fact, about 80% of current backlinking is made on money or different exchanges. How long will Google tolerate these small business building link remains to be seen ...

Link building strategies
"Steal" links from your competition. Here's how to do this. Find a competitor from the same niche with you. To find those sites or blogs use Google. Be very specific in the search. Note the sites that appear in the top 5 positions. Why only the first positions? Because you want to get there too. By understanding the strategy you use, you can use it in your turn. Then go to Majestic.com or Ahrefs.com and keep an eye on it. There is also the free option where let you see 5 links or your paid account option, where you see all sites that refer to a domain. Then try to understand the context in which those sites referred to your competitor.

Write for niche blogs. For each product or service, there are a few blogs or sites well known in the industry. With a simple search on Google you can get a pretty big list.
You are going to make a list of sites or blogs that are of interest and quality and contact them. An email template would be like the following:

"Hello X
My name is Y and I'm contacting you at example.com. I've read your articles and consider the information they provide about '' example '' very relevant. Taking into account my experience in this field, I can write an article about a subject of your choice that will surely be of interest to your readers.
Instead of this article I would like to refer to myself as its author.
Please tell me if you agree or not.
Thank you."

Provide testimonials. Most likely you use the products offered by other companies or you call for their services. Make a list of these and send them an email telling them how much you appreciate their work or product, as the case may be. E.g:

I am a user of the x management program. I wanted to thank you for the quality offered. I use it every day and I'm always surprised at how much work makes my work easier.
John Smith
www.example.com "

Why just so? Because in this case you can not ask for a favor in exchange for your appreciation. It's a sincere way to express your gratitude. In some cases, however, you may be contacted by that company to ask for permission to post on your site the feedback you have provided. Sometimes it publishes it without asking for your consent. Importantly, a relevant site often lists you with a direct link.

Social Media. Don't ignore the SocialMedia strategy. Even if your Twitter or Facebook shares do not help directly, the long-term effect may give you surprises. This is primarily quality content, whether in video form, picture, article, etc.
The effects are noticed when a person finds out the site and enters it. And this form of link building is important in the end. Any link that brings a user to the site and he chooses either to buy a product or recommend the site is valuable.

Now that you understand what a link building strategy is, it's time to get started. Every link is valuable, and the more you have, the more chances to rank are higher.


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Always use different texts for your anchors and links. For example, if the keyword is "link building" and the site addresses business owners in America, anchor texts should look like this:
  • Link building service for America
  • Link building in America
  • Link building services America
  • American building link service
  • Link building for sites in America
  • High-quality link building services
  • Link building offer
  • Link building for US sites
25% of the anchors should include the site's URL or the anchor be the website's URL. Examples:
  • www.example.com offers link building services
  • www.example.com
  • http://www.example.com
  • Link building offer on www.example.com
  • Link building quality www.example.com
25% of the anchors should include the brand name or domain name of the site. Examples:
  • example.com offers link building services
  • Link building of high quality - SiteName
  • Link building offer on example.com
For a more natural campaign, it is recommended to use variations and derivations and even synonyms as anchors for links. Examples:
  • Backlinks offer
  • Backlink services
  • Creating links
  • Link building for SEO
  • The best link building offer
  • Increase your site by link building
These simple rules are very useful in increasing efficiently and avoiding the risk of being penalized.



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When it comes to natural link building you can practice in getting natural backlinks by the way of:

1. Guest Blogging: Though Matt Cutt said "Guest Blogging is Done" it is partially true. The truth is if you are doing spammy guest blogging you will get penalized by Google for sure. But you must remember this thing guest blogging is building a relationship, the purpose of guest blogging is not backlinks. This is a powerful method to grow a personal brand which will lead you to benefit you a lot.

2. Creating Infographics and Podcasts: Most people think infographics and podcasts are done now, there are several infographics & Podcasts available online and there is a decline in infographic & Podcast popularity but still, Infographics and Podcasts are an effective way of linkbuilding.

3. Get active on Social Media: Content creation is halfway of content marketing, the other half is promoting the content. and there is no other place than social media where you can promote your content. If you promote your content on social, you’ll starA qualified genetic engineer, must have a graduate / postgraduate degree in genetics or related fields such as biotechnology, molecular biology, microbiology or biochemistry OR a doctorate (PhD) from a recognised university, based on 2-3 years of his own research under the guidance of a professor/lecturer. The basic eligibility criteria for a graduate degree (BE / B.Tech) is 10+2 or equivalent examination, with Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics as well as genetics as part of the biology OR a bachelors degree in science or molecular biology. t to earn links to it.

4: Grow Your Personal Brand: The most important thing you need to understand is you can't create links instantly. If you grow your personal brand, though it is a very slow and steady process, you will get the incredible payoff. So build your personal brand by outreach, helping people, speaking at conferences, getting press coverage, connecting with mentors, guest blogging, and other techniques. It’s not easy, and it definitely takes some time.


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  1. Discover competitors' common backlinks. ...
  2. Get an indirect backlink from your competitor. ...
  3. Recover your dead backlinks. ...
  4. Turn your mentions into backlinks. ...
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