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Top Mistakes in Social Media


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Good years have passed since media has joined the marketing mix. It's time to do things with proficiency, strategy, and planning, no more mary-go-rounds. There is no real guidebook for the perfect social media presence. But here are some common mistakes you need to stay away from!

1. No Social Media plan. If you don't know what your goals are and what resources you are going to devote to it, there is no way to measure success.

2. No content strategy or the wrong content strategy. Content leads to conversations, conversations build relationships and relationships drive ROI (Return on investment ).

3. Not investing in owned assets. A strong email list, a blog or content website, and richer media assets (video, infographics, etc) are all essential elements of a well rounded Social Media presence for any business.

4. Forgetting the human element. Treat people the way you would treat them in real life. Be human. Make friends. Be kind. And remember that whatever you say, no matter how casually you say it, becomes part of your image and your brand.

5. Ignoring comments on Facebook fan pages. The faster you response time, the happier you will keep your fans - these are your customers and prospects. And that's money in the bank!

6.Not committing to social media long term. Too many businesses get all amped up about their shiny new Facebook page, but then 2 months later have already forgotten to update it. Embrace social media as part of your business every day.

7. No lead generation strategy. Ensure your branding is recognizable on all platforms and consistent throughout. You are going to have variations of backgrounds, etc. on the different platforms, as the specs are different on each. But your branding should be clear when someone bounces around to your different accounts.

8. Inconsistent branding. Here is same like at number 7.

9. Forgetting to have fun. It is important for brands to remember that when it comes to social media, we are visitors whom our audience has invited into their circle. Social media is where they share personal stories and photos. Where they connect with friends. Where they go to relax and have fun.

10. There is no description. As soon as you create a social account for your business, whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, or any other platform, make sure that you completely fill out your profile.

11. High quality - Low quality. It is important to focus on providing content that others want to read, instead of simply jamming your page with as many posts as possible. If there is no valuable information, you will lose your audience quickly.

12. If you build it they will come. Update your page regularly., change out your cover photo and profile image every few months and engage your users daily. Once your pages goes dead it is very difficult to get it back up in the Edgerank.