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Top WordPress cache plugins


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Cache plugins convert WordPress generated pages into simple HTML files that they provide at each access. This means that it is bypassed to load all the scripts that request the server, and the site gets much faster.

I'm going to talk about this article about the top 3 free WordPress cache plugins that you can use to optimize the site, improve the load speed and, implicitly, search engine positions. At the bottom, you will find some advantages and disadvantages of using them.

What is the web cache?
Caching is the technology by which the content of a web page is somehow compressed and temporarily stored on the server to be delivered more quickly to users. A kind of fast food.

The main advantage of the cache is that it greatly reduces the load time of the site and thus improves the user experience in the navigation as well as the positions of the pages in the search engines.

Top WordPress cache plugins

1. W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache is a free and probably the most popular plugin in this segment. It has over 1 million downloads and offers many features. It has to be configured carefully because it has many settings.

The most notable features of this plug-in are GZIP compression, HTML, CSS and JavaScript concatenation, CDN support, and full access to any caching, including the database.

It's the first caching plugin I've used, but I dropped it after it caused me problems on a few themes. That's a few years ago, with many versions of WordPress and plugin behind. Now it works smoothly, boasts an impressive portfolio and with good results in WebPageTest and a high score in Google PageSpeed Insights. It's very easy to use.

2. WP Super Cache
Wp Super Cache is a free, as good and popular plugin. It has over 1 million downloads and is appreciated for the functionality it offers. It was at one point the most popular, but it lagged behind and was harder to update.

I have not used it before, but it's as good as the others.

3. WP Fastest Cache
My favorite, it comes very hard and has somewhere to 500,000 downloads. He's the only one in this top rated 5-star rating. Although the free version provides everything you need for a regular user, the plugin also has a premium version that gives you access to an arsenal of more powerful tools.

It's the plugin I use and I recommend it right now, even in the free version. I got used to it, it did not cause me problems and it's very simple to use.

How to configure these plugins?
After installation, you will be able to access the plugin settings panel, where you will be faced with a lot of configuration options. Ideally, activating all options would optimize the module.

If after you have checked everything and saved your changes, you find errors through the site, try to reduce the removal options to see where it is blocking. Most of the time, the WordPress Platform ecosystem, theme, and plugins are not even ready to go through the caching process. Debugging starts from JS errors, and plugins offer the ability to bypass the move, compress and unify Javascript files.

Advantages of cache plugins
  • Reduce considerably the site load time if they are set correctly. You can do tests before and after, using webpagetest.org
  • Improve web page positions in search engines, loading time is a very important SEO factor.
  • It eliminates overloading the processor and server memory, so the site can handle a much larger number of concomitant users. He will not miss the site at the first traffic spike.
  • Reduces server bandwidth traffic.
  • Allows successful use of a cheaper and less performing hosting service.
  • Simple to use
Disadvantages of cache plugins
  • After making changes, the cache must be cleared to make them visible.
  • They are not compatible with certain themes and plugins.
  • Sometimes they may require the expertise of a specialist.
In conclusion
We listed the 3 most popular WordPress cache plugins. This doesn't mean that they are the only ones, or that others are not good, or that if you use another, you must change it. Everyone uses what suits them best, it is important to use or to do something about it.