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There is no way to know exactly how much traffic a website will have over a certain period of time because it depends on many factors. But we can make an estimate.
Let's start with the visit report, assuming the site is not new. Every site has 3 large (or so) sources of traffic: Organic (visitors coming from search engines), Referral (from other sites), and Direct traffic (people who access the site by writing their address or using bookmarks). For each of these categories, we can report over the last few months, say 6 months. As a result of the report, tendencies are usually seen - growth, decline or stagnation. Then it can be appreciated - as it will look over 6 months if the growth is linear.

  1. The least conclusive and hard to approximate is the direct traffic report. If in the next 6 months we do not increase brand awareness, it's hard to believe that the world will know about the site or will only come back by writing in the browser address, not to mention bookmarks. If you have a promotional campaign to target the visitor, then direct traffic will increase.
  2. Visits from other sites - referral traffic - Visitors from this area come from other sites, either by clicking on links or banners, curiosity or interest. If you have not noticed variations in the last 6 months, it means that you have not obtained links to other sites or they are not of interest to visitors.
  3. Organic Traffic. It contains only the words for which the site is currently displayed. If in the next 6 months we want to get a first page position, how do we know how much traffic will we get for that word in the event that it gets there?
The best tool that I suggest for you is Google Analytics. It shows you all traffic in real time!