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Types of logo - what suits the best for your business?

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Are you looking for a logo? Before you make a decision, it's good to document, see how many logos exist, and think about what kind of logo your company will be better at. And because now it's not enough to have only one logo, I've also written about the variations of a logo and why it's so necessary nowadays.

How many logo types exist?

1. Lettermark
The logo consisting of a few letters, most of the company's initials, is lettermark. It is often used to simplify the company's too complicated or long-term name.

2. Wordmark
It is the most used logotype. What is it? It's just the name of the company. Why did I say it is the most used? This type of logo makes you aware of the name of the company at first sight. Perfect for a start-up or business that still strives to make a reputation

3. Submark
Maybe you did not know it was called Submark but you see it daily. Icons or app icons like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, Youtube, etc. are submarks. So a submark is a sign derived from the company logo.

4. Brandmark
What does the brandmark include? When you hear the brandmark you can already think of symbols, pictures, and icons ranging from a minimalist design to a more complex design.

5. Combination marks
We refer here to combinations of the types of logos reviewed above. You can opt for a combination like a brandmark and a wordmark or lettermark, that is, to have your company name along with a symbolic representation. It is the most used type of logo so that you present your personality, the field of activity and the name of the company.

6. Emblem
This logotype is what its name says.