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Unique place in Romania where you can admire five waterfalls and green forests


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There is a place in the Masivul Piatra Mare that welcomes you with spectacular landscapes, trails of unspoilt beauty and nature in its pure state. At Tamina, passers-by do not know what to first admire: the waterfalls, the green forests or the breathtaking view.


Tamina, at an altitude of 1,100 meters in the Masivul Piatra Mare, is actually made up of a series of five cassations, the largest being 10 meters. This spectacular place was formed by the deepening of an old drainage line and the collapse of a cave.

At present, the road that lasts about an hour is almost completely destroyed and is currently only accessible to tourists with special climbing equipment experienced in mountain hiking, but access will be rehabilitated.

The leadership of the Local Forest Administration of Sacele will allocate $92165.29 for the construction of suspended bridges that will overcome the cascade. The money comes from the sale of tickets to Canyon 7 Ladders and it is estimated that the investment will be recovered in two and a half years.

The counselors hope that 55,000 visitors per year will be cascaded and the tourist objective will bring an annual profit of $112441.65.
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