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VADpay - alternative for Adsense !

Discussion in 'Google Adsense' started by Dirky, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Dirky

    Dirky Member Registered

    Do you used VADpay.com - PPC Advertising network to make money online? I think it is the best paying affiliate program as an alternative to adsense. Please, any your experience here....
  2. Cantik

    Cantik New Member Registered

    it is not the best! it is a decent PPC. i have used several of the Adsense alternatives, and the results have been mixed bag. i have used Majore ones like Bidvertiser, Clicksor, etc..and the smaller ones like the one you have mentioned Vadpay, Chitika etc. it all depends on the no. of visitors you are able to bring to your site, if the no. of visitors are good, there are chances of you making good money fast! there is no other magic trick
  3. Roversin11

    Roversin11 Active Member Registered

    Is VADpay similar to Adsense as in being text ads? Is it better than Adsense as a moneymaker or more for those who can't get approved or somehow got banned from Adsense?
  4. Sencuart

    Sencuart Active Member Registered Active Member

    I have not heard about VADpay but I recommend Medianet and ReveneuHits
  5. newbie

    newbie Member Registered Active Member

    Never used VADpay, only Adsense, Bidvertiser . I use some others like AlternateURL however it's not give result at all. Bidvertiser I think a good enough provide you choose a good keywords.

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