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Video Marketing Tips v1


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• How to write Compelling YouTube Video Titles
1. Make Them searchable.
2. Make a promise - and keep it.
3. Tickle those emotions to cennect.
4. Write 20-30 titles, then pick a winner.

• 5 Rules for awesome YouTube Thumbnails
1. Pair it well with the first 10-15 seconds of your video.
2. Use closeups of people's faces to convey emotion.
3. Think twice about using the same setting multiple times.
4. Be brand consistent.
5. Never place text in the bottom right-hand corner.

• Write YouTube Video descriptions that Google loves.
1. Link CTA at top of description.
2. Keyword should appear within the first 25 words.
3. Description should be 250+ words long.
4. Include keywords 3-4 times in description.

• Facebook video marketing images

Harness the power of analytics + automation.
If a video is published to Facebook but no one sees it, does it make sound? We don't want you to find out :) Use best time scheduling + social media video to post your videos to Facebook at rush hour - every single time.

Silence is golden - at least that is what viewers think. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Always upload accurate captions for your Facebook videos to take advantage of silent viewing.

Understand and employ the right facebook metrics. Dr. Stephen R. Covey's legendary advice, ''Begin with the end in mind'' applies to social media video, too. Know the metrics that tell the story of succes + failure so you can do more of what works (and less of what doesn't)

• Twitter + Instagram

People like your face, so use it.
When someone replies, retweets, or mentions you, hit them back with a video response instead of text.
Use the ''Inception'' link on intagram. Use the clever marketing tool Elink.io to create a master link with multiple links inside.
Schedule Instagram in advance. Never miss a beat - or bust your Instagram posting schedule - by using CoSchedule's mobile app.

• Blogging + email images.

Organize your video embeds to max. page load speed. Use embeds the right way tot avoid turning your page into browser sludge due to poor load times (wich can harm SEO)

Connect to related problems you have solved. Point your audience to other subject - related problems you have solved to keep them coming back for more.

Gifs are the best for video marketing! Create a custom GIF in email campaigns to capitalize on the 200-300% CTR increase video brings to email campaigns.

• Other tips

Increase engagement with cards. Use cards to add contextual depth, direct traffic, and gather insight from your audience.

Drive traffic with end screens. Replace outdated annotations with end screens in the final 5-20 seconds of your videos.

Use Research fueled video tags. The nerd hack is to prepend URLs with ''view-source'' in Chrome to see any vide's tags.

Break into foreign markets. Use Google Translate to tag your videos in the appropiate language.