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Wake up! You will not have a functional site if you just wait for someone to visit it so clearly!


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Traffic is the soul of your site. If you have visitors you will have clients as well. If you do not have visitors on the site who will order the products or services you sell? There are several types of traffic that you can use as you already know (if you did not know now).

Paid traffic - can be brought through PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns such as Google Adwords or Facebook campaigns, other pay-per-click campaigns.

Organic Traffic - comes from SEO strategies applied (these are various and I have already published a tutorial about them here) directly from search engine results through search engines (eg google.com)

Offline Traffic - are ways to bring people who see your ads offline (street banners, business cards, flyers, personalized products, etc.)

Other sources of traffic

So, you have to:

  • Create Quality Content
  • Accounts Guest blogging
  • Respond to questions on profile sites to drive traffic to your site
  • Write on forums and comment on blogs - so get links and free traffic Create and publish a videclip on videosharing sites
  • Put a link in your email signature - and you'll get a few free visits to your site