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What You Need To Know Before Buying A Web Hosting Package:
Today we will explain the meaning of web hosting, why you need this service and what you need to know before deciding which package to buy from us.

In order to have a website or even a blog, you need a company to host that website. It's good to know that this domain can be bought or rent, just like you would if you needed a space in real life.

There are four types of hosting: Shared, VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated.
-Shared hosting means that your website is placed on the same server alongside other sites. Usually, the costs for such a package are small, but this option is especially recommended for blogs and moderate traffic sites.

-VPS hosting means that the website is hosted on a virtual server, as if you had your own dedicated server. But in reality you share a server with another user group.

-Dedicated Hosting is the most recommended option because it gives you maximum control over the server on which the website is stored. Also, your website is the only one on that server.

-Cloud hosting has the advantage of managing an extremely high level of traffic. That is, there is a team of several servers that work together to host a group of websites.

You also need to consider before deciding which package to choose, the storage
space. You have to choose an optimal storage space also the bandwidth is very important if you want more traffic on your site.

All packages have Cpanel and Softaculous Auto Installer where with one click you can install up to 250 scripts.

If you didn't make the payment, your account will be in a 3-day grace period if you pay monthly. If you pay once in three months, the grace period is 9 days.

After the grace period, if you have not paid, your account will be suspended.
Reactivating your account costs $ 3 regardless of the package you choose.

If you want to buy, email us at [email protected]
Also, we can help you for free with plugins installing, themes installing, WordPress, server migration, SEO and other stuff.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please write here, on this thread.