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Website and Page Title Optimization


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The most important element for on-page site optimization is the title of the page
The title of the page is the description of the web page that appears at the top of the browser (or in the tab, if you have more than one window open in your browser):

Page titles are one of the most effective ways to indicate the content of a particular page and are also a key component when we develop an SEO campaign. Specifically, follow these rules when creating page titles for your landing pages: Keep it short.

Search engines generally only show the first 60-70 characters in the search results, and the title of your page does not have to fully describe the content or the promoted offer. Instead, you need to focus on keywords by eliminating any unnecessary words. But make sure it is also easy to read and clear by providing insightful content on the page content.

Include first high-quality keywords. Search Engines put more emphasis on keywords that appear to the left of the title of the page. For this reason, the title of the page should start with the most important keywords, and then include the least important keywords. Use the concept of "vertical pipelines" on phrase separation. This is a good practice because it helps search engines break the suggested phrase resulting in a set of keywords that go together.

Do not necessarily include your business name in every page title. You should aim at optimizing landing pages for long term search visitors who simply search for information about a subject and who have not heard of your company.

Do not worry - even if you "omit" your company name, you will get a better rank for brand searches because of the root domain name and the authority of your site's page. No need to invest in the things for which you already rank.