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Website Optimized Content? Try to Adapt Video Content!


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Many people believe that having content optimized for the site means that the measure itself is sufficient to make it as best seen by Google. Content is important, of course, especially if we are talking about SEO (but not only), but more is needed to get the attention of both search engines and users alike.

However, beyond optimizing SEO articles for Google, it is necessary to bring your reader closer. It is absolutely necessary to assure him of all the support, and in this sense to channel your efforts. A reader is convinced of what you offer, only if the offer is personalized or better said if it is tailored to its needs. For this, it is necessary to know the target audience and to "offer" it according to its needs.

The year 2017 was and still is, without a doubt, the year of the video content. In most areas, the transmission of information through video files has gained ground and has led to quite large organic traffic. The world is moving and once with it, and users enjoy the movement of video content. However, as a general question, quite a few webmasters have considered a very important aspect in terms of posting optimized content for such sites, namely transcribing the content.

Why is it important to transcribe video content? To answer, we will give an example that will certainly be enlightening. Suppose we filmed a video to the mothers, which we post on a parenting blog. My experience makes me tell you that when you are a parent, the phone is often set to silent mode, and video files are often saved for later viewing or forgotten there until ... we remember them (if we remember). Of course, we do not generalize, but most of the time it happens.

However, given this aspect, it would be advisable to have a written support on the video module so that its information can be at least read if not heard. Even in the case of very good material, the recommendation is to give the person interested in your content all the means to stay on your site or on your channel. Otherwise, as expected, the user will leave the site, which may mean a warning to Google!

Content, before being presented as site-optimized content, must actually be tailored to users' needs. Perhaps someone has a hearing impairment or a problem with sight, it is important to consider all these aspects. Otherwise, beyond being easily discriminatory, we may lose valuable users, be they very small. It is moral and beneficial not to deny a category of users just because they are a small group of people, although we are increasingly seeing this, especially in sales, especially in the online environment.

So when we talk about optimized content for the site, it would be good to cover as many users as possible. SEO means more than SEO, image optimization, or permanent keyword verification. SEO has the ultimate goal of contact with people, whether virtual and virtual. That's why, if you want to get to people, it optimizes before you reach out to people!