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Website Optimized: What's Next?


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I have noticed that many customers forum users do not understand the difference between having a website optimized for Google and a promoted site. The first step to promoting a site is to optimize it. This is organized according to requirements, competition and strategy approached with customer acceptance.

To say that a website is optimized, it must meet the following conditions:
  • Be easy to navigate;
  • Provide clear information to visitors;
  • Have a unique content;

If these minimum conditions are met, it can be considered that the site is optimized. What's next? Promotion, that area that contains little of all: programming, marketing, statistics, and understanding of how search engines work. Lately, it has come to the conclusion that Google engineers (those dealing with the "most used" mode) manage to raise search results, sites that best respond to visitors because of an algorithm that analyzes: how, when, where and how visitors come to the site or leave the site. Analyze whether the site likes the visitor, the time spent on collecting information and more...

In conclusion: It is good to build an optimized and promoted website for our visitors and users, and to abstain from link building formulas that are almost for free on the internet.