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What are the best times to post on social media?


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86% of posts are published during the work week with engagement peaking on Thursday and Friday. Engagement rates fall 3.5% below average for posts published Monady through Wednesday. In correlation the ''Happines Index'' on Facebook spikes by 10% on Friday.
The optimal time to post is early afternoon if the time zone with most of your audience. Broader suggestion of anytime between 9am-7pm, 1pm to het the most shares, 3pm to get the most clicks.
TIP: Use the tool Fanpage Karma to find the optimal time tailored to your audience.

Best time of the day to tweet is 5pm for highest retweets, 12 and 6pm for highesst CTR. This could be due to lunch breaks and people looking for something to keep them occupied on the commute home after work.
The best days are weekdays that provide 14% more engagement than weekends.
TIP: Use the tool Followerwonk to find the optimal time tailored to your audience.
According to Twitter, users are 181% more likely to be on Twitter during their commute. They are also 119% more likely to use Twitter during school or work hours.

According to TrackMaven, Instagram engagement stays consistent throughout the week, with slight spikes on Mondays and slight dip on Sundays.
During work hours, an average of 22.5 per 1000 Instagram followers interacted with videos posted by Fortune 500 companies. During off-hours, 33.4 per 1.000 followers interacted with the content.

On Google+. social media posts on Wednesday at 9 am do the best in terms of social applause and engagement.
TIP: Use the tools Timing+ to find the optimal tailored to your audience.