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What can be done if the shopping cart is abandoned?


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By 2020, it is estimated that global e-commerce sales will be worth $ 4 trillion. This is more than twice as high as $ 1.9 trillion in 2016, demonstrating the increased popularity of online shopping. From the Amazon Dash buttons to recovering abandoned emails that offer one-touch purchases, efforts are being made to encourage sales. Despite this, two trimesters of shopping carts on the internet are abandoned.

There are many reasons why the majority of e-commerce transactions are not completed. The first and most important step in determining why shopping cart is abandoned is to investigate the behavior of your visitors. Using Google Analytics can identify the pages where your visitors are leaving, providing strong clues about their reasons. For example, a high rejection rate on the delivery page may indicate that you offer limited delivery options or delivery charges too high, which prevents visitors from completing an order. The high values on the checkout page can show a lack of confidence in data security. It's worth a live chat feature here that can help solve your visitor problems.

After identifying the possible causes of abandonment, the process of addressing these issues can begin. Transport fees can be negotiated, so a negotiation with the shipping company begins to cut costs for your customers. If you are used to discounts and take advantage of this, you should remove them completely from your online store. Eliminate as far as possible the unnecessary fields in the order form and leave only those important fields. Try to include only the essential FAQs on the FAQ page. On the checkout page, you can remove the site header and leave only the essential and trustworthy elements to keep the visitor from leaving the page.

The shopping cart can also be abandoned for benign reasons. Many people add products to your shopping cart for future reference or price comparison to buy when they can afford it, or because they do not have a pay-as-you-go method at that time. Send a reminder email to the customer that it has products added to your shopping cart to encourage completion of the order or simply invite them to contact you if they have any questions. Emails sent about abandoning the shopping cart can also be used to offer discounts for completing the order. It is even possible to automate sending emails after a certain amount of time, for optimum results.

It is important to simplify the checkout process for customers who have an account or have returned to the site. You can also offer the opportunity to order without having to create an account. Store cookies and previous orders to complete a one-click command. Offers the ability to save your payment data securely for future orders. The checkout page includes a phone number and a live chat to allow customers to get in touch with you right away for questions. And last but not least, optimizes both shopping cart and checkout pages through a responsive design to enable customers to easily order from any device.