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What do cookies know about you?


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Currently, almost all sites use cookies. You may already know that the functionality of a cookie is actually data capture and behavior recording on that site.
You probably think that they have the ability to store distributed information inside the browser and just that. In fact, a cookie even records data about the device on which it is accessed (eg PC), internet speed, location, etc.
Above all, cookies can analyze your behavior in such detail that they can make a difference between you and someone else.


Clickclickclick.click is a public website that can show you real-time information from the cookie you've accepted by pressing the "I Understand / OK" button. This site is relatively simple, by pressing the "Button" button we will realize the capacity of the server that can see almost everything. For example, the mouse moves while the tab is idle when you go back to that tab, and more.

With the information we get if we create a profile for each unique visitor, we can form a strong, even improper marketing strategy. How can this happen? For example, if the cookie registers me as a city hunter in Pennsylvania, cycling amateur, passion for web design, etc. - can display the ad (Ad) that fits me the most.

On the other hand, you've probably noticed that after you accept cookies on a online shop, for example,you will still only see the ads from that eCommerce site with the products you have searched for. If we think about how much the servers know about us especially being and logging in with your personal account can be even worrying.

The Clickclickclick.click application was created by Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters of Studio Moniker.
They say: "We are fascinated by the ease with which people allow a few big companies to monetize our digital behavior as well as the endless possibilities that creates." "We hope that our visitors start thinking about that as well."


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Damn! This is horrifying :eek:
I didn't know that cookies retain so many details about you!
I feel like you bro, this is scary o_O I tried the click page but I didn't fin anything serious, maybe I don't know how to use it properly.
I think that maybe I'll erase my cookies more often :oops: