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What do you need to know about customer testimonials


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Too often, content marketing focuses too much on the term "ME", "My Business". When you say too much about yourself and try to highlight how good the service or product you are selling is, without giving value to potential customers, they will not react as you would expect.

It is essential to consider what your clients have to say about your business. What's their story? What do I say and what do I think about your business?

Unfortunately, many businesses that promote themselves online do not consider it necessary to include testimonials in their content marketing strategy, although they may be the impulse that some of the clients would need to make the purchasing decision.

What are testimonials?
Basically, they represent customer opinions expressed online, in the form of a review on Facebook page or Google's company profile.

A negative review should not be a reason for annoyance or concern. On the contrary, it should be a source of observation and improvement of the products/services offered.

The power of a testimony
Have you ever thought what triggered the buying action for you? What makes you buy a product at a certain moment? Are not you looking for online reviews of the people who have already bought to give you an opinion on the degree of seriousness, quality, delivery, or warranty process?

Just like you and other online users who are accustomed to buying online (or offline), check out a lot of business-related issues in the online environment.

So, all your descriptions, all your appreciations about the products sold are not enough for someone to make a favorable purchasing decision. It takes the opinion of other people who have already had contact with your business and who recommend or are happy with the experience with your brand.

Even the most determined person may need a momentum to buy something at a moment, and that impulse is likely to be given by a positive opinion read online.

This is where the testimonies enter the scene
Consider creating a video testimonial, from which the client's perspective is much easier, and in which there is that much more personal note that a screaming opinion could never have.

At present, having customers confirm that your products or services are of high quality, is no longer an option but a must for brand survival.

People need that confirmation from other people that they make the best decision choosing you.

If you notice that those who buy from you do not leave you any kind of review, you do not mind - ask them personally to say a few words about how the buying experience took place.

In the case of online stores, you can automate this process and create a pop-up to ask for the opinion of those who have purchased your brand products.

You can go even further, especially in the case of service provision, where interaction is more personal, and to organize a professional video session to invite your best clients to your office to say a few words about your business and how the customer-buyer relationship was.

What do you do if customers leave a negative review of your products? First, it analyzes the situation objectively. Is it right to be unhappy? If so, the first thing you have to do is to improve the weaknesses, otherwise you risk losing clients. If not, try to calm him down and see where the problem really is.

Testimonial - Trust and Impact

You should not pass over these two aspects in any way. The primary objective of any testimonial should be to build trust among prospective buyers, clearly demonstrating the benefits and impact that your products or services can provide.