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What is a Freelancer?


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Today I received a message from a member of the forum about what freelancer means and how to make money when you become one. So, I thought that I can write an article about it.

Freelancer, as the term says, is not the employee. Freelancers are usually skilled in a field, who have come to this situation either due to a conjuncture or because of a conscious choice. A freelancer can be a trainer, a graphic designer, an IT expert, a painter, a cameraman, a photographer, a copywriter, a management consultant, a translator, and many others.

A professionally independent person needs to know how to be remarked, to "sell," to make people come to his or her business, not to have to look for customers. Of course, work is the one that defines with success a freelancer, but even the smaller aspects should not be forgotten. As a freelancer, you need to understand your clients' needs and adapt them, to know how to work with the client and to gain the right, through a lot of work, to impose your opinion on various aspects.

Once a potential client has emerged, the freelancer will have to communicate effectively with the client in order to be able to propose a project that meets the needs of the client and in addition will have to estimate the time needed for the project to finish and the cost of the project; If such estimates are not objectives leading to the delay of the project completion or the price increase, it can lead to resolving or not, which may affect the degree of trust in the freelancer.

What are the advantages of being a Freelancer?
Freelancer is his own master! Many people have chosen this status and do not give up easy. They are even proud to have made this choice!

1. Freelance is a way of life
Being a freelancer involves a choice that could make you happy. You have no boss, you do not hire! You are free to contract! You do not have the stress of paying salaries, nor do you have to give a sentiment to your bosses or colleagues. You have a field in which you are specialized and you can impose your own rhythm, comfortable to you!

2. Frelencer is independent
Except for any contracts in which it is engaged, the freelancer has the possibility to create its own program. He decides which clients he is addressing, he allies his field of expertise. Perhaps for some reasons a freelancer is far more independent than a businessman! He can fix his holidays and work only two or three months a year! The rest can handle his passions, family, personal development or whatever he wants.

3. Freelencer adapts easily
If you drive a company, the process of adapting to change is more cumbersome as it includes processes, people and resources; in the case of a freelancer, the adaptation process is fast with possible immediate results. He can decide at any time to change his strategy or choose new areas of specialization! From this point of view, it may be preferable to companies that offer similar services!

4. Freelancer teaches a lot and innovates easily
At least theoretically a good freelancer has the opportunity to interact with different people and companies. In this way he assimilates an experience and expertise that he can multiply or replicate very easily in the case of future clients. This situation, allowing it to be more flexible and innovative, can have brilliant results.

What are the disadvantages of being a Freelancer?
This status is nice, but we need to pay attention and see its benefits. We can not say that there are many or few, but just as in the other corners of the Pentagon, it is good to know these disadvantages so that they can easily counter them!

1. The man good at all
As a freelancer, whether you like it or not, you have to take over all of the existing roles in a company: secretary, cashier, financier, sales agent, marketing representative, writer etc. + Your basic job. These things at one point may keep you in the place of doing your job well. It can become sometimes unpleasant.

2. Work a lot
As a freelancer, you have to work more, despite appearances! This point is related to the first disadvantage, namely the amount of administrative work you will have to pay if you want to increase your income.

3. Lack of constant income
There are also happy cases in which you can have income constancy, but most of the time you will not enjoy such pleasure. You should be an employee to have a steady income. Your bills can sometimes get you pressed even if you work at low rates under the pressure of paying bills!

How can we get brilliant results like frellancers?
I want you to remember that the freelancer can enjoy the work he does and can have remarkable results!

1. Choose a niche you are good at
2. Build your own branding staff to be enviable.
3. Identify exactly who your customers are and try to promote yourself primarily in their environment.
4. Be serious!

If you want to be freelancer, make sure you are passionate about what you want to do and that you are willing to invest a lot of effort and a lot of work in this job.