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What is a niche?


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Do I want to make money on the internet or Do I have to make money on the internet?
Most make the mistake of confusing a niche with a market :)

What is the difference between a niche and a market?
"Nice" is a "specific issue" (be it product or service), for which there is a desire to buy or a desire to solve.
"Market," refers to a product (range of products) or services (range of services) in general that is needed by the public.

Although the definitions are similar, they have to focus on "necessity" and "desire": niche is based on desire, market by necessity.

How should I choose the right niche?

I have discussed the choice of the niche, but I will try to explain it differently: there is no specific formula, just a logical analysis, and evaluation of the existing competition.
If you choose the wrong niche, you will lose a lot of time and money (if you invest from the beginning); if it still happens, you have to acknowledge this and try a different strategy or just stop and try another niche.

When choosing the niche, the first step would be to think about what you like, what you're doing better, something you're expert in.
Here you have to consider very well if there is an audience who wants, wants to find out more, and (or) there are problems/questions that are not solutions/answers (these are incomplete).

These answers never have to provide a final solution, but actually, create needs that are sometimes masked as desires (or vice versa).
If the answer/expertise solves the problem, it is a false niche and should not be invested in it unless it responds to a wide audience, in which case it becomes a product - an ideal situation (hmmm). E.g. No one sells a drug to heal chronic diseases but rather provides treatment. (maybe not the best example)

Steps to follow or formula for the niche
1. A niche, in general, has its origins in a market. I will put more emphasis on micro-niches because it is much easier to analyze in this way. The genealogical tree of a micro-niche looks like this:
Market -> Sub-Market -> Micro-Market -> Nice -> Sub-Nice -> Micro-Nice
Finance -> Revenues -> Money -> Internet -> Money on the Internet -> Money on Net with Adf.ly.
Sports -> Extreme Sports -> Racing -> Racing Machines -> Rally Car Accessories -> Rally Car Tires.
Technology -> Computers -> Operating Systems -> Linux Operating System -> Vulnerabilities in the Linux Operating System -> Solutions/Deviruses for the Linux Operating System.
Fun -> Phones -> Mobile Phones -> Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones -> Android Mobile Phones Samsung -> Android Games for mobile phones samsung galaxy.
Health -> Medicine -> Diseases -> Disease Treatments -> Homeopathic Treatments for Diseases -> Cheap homeopathic treatment against allergies.
2. You have to ask yourself if there is a group that has a real desire, an interest to solve an existing problem in the sub-niche/micro-niche.
It can enter specialized forums, searches in search engines to take the market pulse.
Is there advertising in search engines the first results?

3. A simple Google search will reveal the already existing competition: what keywords competition uses, how many backlinks do they already have, a niche brand, what other questions/problems can occur, competition solutions, there are specialty forums? and so on
Keyword analysis can be done in Google AdWords. Here too, you can estimate AdSense revenue if you choose this type of affiliation, but that's what I'm going to do a separate tutorial.
All this should lead to an SEO strategy or traffic. You do not have to hurry, especially if you have to invest a certain amount in hosting and domain. Take the analysis if necessary, ask your friends.
After all, you have to do what competition does, but do better than other SEO, and add extra information to the desire to solve the public. If they make money, you'll do it too.