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What is a Sale Letter?


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A sales letter is a direct marketing tool designed to persuade a prospective client (prospectus) to buy a product in the absence of a seller. It differs from classical newsletters in which brochures, catalogs and offers are sent to more than one product because it deals with the promotion of a single service or a single product. Also, a sales letter doesn't have a graphic design out of the ordinary, but it emphasizes the text. A sales letter is used to sell more expensive products offline and online is used for the sale of intangible products such as courses, electronic books, video seminars and software.

This is a "direct marketing" service where advertisers were paying the direct mailing agency to send such letters (it's interesting how this practice is not considered SPAM and is still allowed).

What does have so special these letters for sales and what to use?
First of all, they are used because they sell. And when I use the term to sell, I mean both minor sales of several hundred and millions of dollars sales! I don't have the exact dates anymore, but I know that Gary Halbert, in a 10-page letter selling a water filtration device (now decades when he was new) has got millions of dollars, of which he received an important commission - see the letter here.

So these letters of sale, ugly and so boring, are used because:

  • selling in the absence of a professional seller!
  • have the ability to reach thousands and millions of people
  • can be tested and adjusted by results
Long or Short Sale Letters?
You will see some long sales letters and you will see short sales letters. Why are some longer and some shorter? From the marketing tests that have been made it has been found that long sales letters are suitable for the sale of expensive, premium products with a high price. And short sales letters are used to sell products at a lower price.

Gary Bencivenga, another genius of copywriting and direct marketing, said very clearly, not to be afraid of long sales letters. Those who are interested will read them, what they don't care about, they will not read even the ones that are scrutinized. For a $ 5,000 seminar, Gary's sales letter was around 30 A4 pages!

Now that we have determined the length and usefulness of the sales letter to talk about the other types and forms that the sales letter puts on.

Types and forms that Dresses the sale letter.
  1. Sale letter sent to envelope by post
  2. Sale letter printed in newspapers, magazines, etc.
  3. Sale letter published online as a web page (about which we will discuss the most)
  4. Video letter follows the same steps as a sales letter only that it is transposed as a video, with text read by a person and other effects. In this category, the teleshopping can also be advertised - you will see that the presentation structure of the product is the same as the sales letter.
  5. The most common online sale letter is text, long, web page but newer and video.
Sale letter structure
The structure they wear may differ from case to case, but generally, all sales letters follow the following structure:
  • pre-title (pre-header) - which classifies the audience
  • header - which expresses a major benefit
  • sub-title (under header) - which expresses a major benefit or highlights a problem
  • proof
  • paragraph
  • secondary titles
  • paragraphs
  • testimonials
  • guarantees
  • control box
  • post scriptum (the most read area in a letter!)