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What is blackhat Seo?


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Black Hat and White Hat SEO
The main difference between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO is the techniques used to get a good position in search engine results. Since the 1990s, the term "white hat" has been used. Used in the past for web security experts, this term today refers to efficient and secure optimization techniques for search engines. On the opposite side of the SEO optimization techniques "black hat", use strategies that are not approved by the search engines.

To give you an idea, below I will list some examples

Black Hat SEO techniques (some of them):
- Adding the invisible text to the site - this method has been working out a few years ago, but Google's search engine has made more algorithms that track and penalize sites that still appeal to these "fireworks." How to add invisible text to the site refers to adding keywords written in the same color as the background, so they are not visible to visitors, but the pages are indexed in the search engine accordingly.

- doorway pages - these are only created to get a good position in search engine results and can affect visitors' browsing experience. They can lead users to intermediate pages that are not relevant to searched searches.

- Keyword stuffing - This search engine manipulation practice is characterized by adding a large number of keywords in a text that makes no sense and is not relevant to user search.

- duplicate content

- paid links - buying links just to increase popularity online.

White Hat SEO Techniques (some of them):
- Quality content - The purpose of search engines is to provide relevant information to users. Constantly adding quality content is the most effective way to optimize a website for search engines. Although it is a procedure that takes a long time, any optimization strategy for search engines should be done around this.

- easy structure - site structure is essential for both visitors and search engines. Each item, from page titles and articles, to determining keywords that are representative of each page.

- guest-blogging - is the process by which you write an article for the blog of another person or another company. The purpose of this method is to get backlinks that will help you position your site in the first search engine results.



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Unnatural link building is a process which also known as Black hat SEO.
When done right it can be a very useful strategy, many people use it for churn and burn websites.
According to major search engines, a backlink should be organic process where people are linking to your website because you have great content and resources
Because not everyone is good at creating great resources, content and marketing them, so they use black hat SEO tactics

Some of the Black hat techniques are
Private Blog Network(PBN)
Buying links
Low quality backlinks
Keyword stuffing
Link barter
Hidden links in theme footers and widgets
Using software to create automatic Backlinks
Manipulation of page rank (302 redirects)


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The blackhat SEO refers to a set of practices that are used to increases a site or page's rank in search engines by using the wrong ways which is against the rules. It includes keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private link networks.