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When talking about conversion, we mean about the visitor who takes action on your site, the action you want: subscribing to the newsletter, creating a site account, purchasing a product, requesting an offer, downloading an application, watching a video.

The total number of conversions consists of the total number of people who have made a targeted action on your site.
To get the conversion rate, divide the total number of visits to your site to the total number of conversions.

Visitors: 5000
Conversions count: 50
Conversion rate = 50/5000 x 100 => 1%

How to increase your conversion rate?
To increase your site's conversion rate, you need to know and measure your site's key performance metrics on the one hand, and on the other hand to know how to interpret them and how to improve them.

The key performance indicators of the site can be:
Bounce Rate is the percentage of people who leave the site after visiting a single page on the site. A high rate of rejection is not a good thing most of the time. The causes of a high bounce rate may be: visitors don't find what they are looking for and leave the site; visitors quickly find the information they are looking for and leave your site immediately (you have not been able to persuade them to visit other pages); for technical reasons (slow loading speed, technical errors) or subjective (they do not like the design, for example) prefer to look for another site in the same field of activity.

The average number of visited pages will tell you how many pages have been spent on your site on average. Multiple page views can mean a commitment, but it can also mean that the visitor does not find the information he is looking for or is not resolved.

The average time spent on the site by a user gives you a general idea of the user's interest in the products, services, or information you provide.

Exit Rate. For each page there is a specific Exit Rate. This is the percentage of people who leave the site after seeing that page. A very high output rate for a particular page may be an alarming sign.

The most accessed articles or most accessed products in a particular category. When users get to a page where they have multiple choices to choose from, which is usually their option?

The parameters mentioned above can be viewed in Google Analytics.

Increasing conversion rates may require some changes to your site's pages.

There may be countless reasons why users leave the site without making a conversion: too high loading time, technical issues on the site (pages that do not exist, buttons or options that do not work properly), descriptions of products or services that don't attract users or don't provide enough information, poor quality pictures, lack of trust.

Conversion Optimization Strategies redeem the traffic that your site already has. This means you can have far more sales without having to spend more money to get new site visits.


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Is this to know how active is everyone in your site? This is to clarify the doubts I have about this topic. It's nice to learn these kind of things. I thought it was more simple and it just show you an statistic of how active someone is, but it also helps you to know better what things the people on your site like.