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What is Email Marketing?


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If you don't use such a method or you use only parts of it and you don't have a clear intention, then you have arrived on the right page! In the following lines, I will explain what e-mail marketing is and why you have to use it in your marketing mix!

Email marketing can make the difference between bankruptcy or a successful business!
That's so important!

  • Email marketing is the activity of collecting the email addresses of your customers, prospects and visitors to your site (your business) and creating a personal relationship between your brand and them in order to turn them into loyal and repetitive fans and customers. It is a branch of direct marketing.
This is how it would sound short and "boring" a definition of this extremely important activity.

Why is this activity so important for your business? Because about 90.3% of your visitors are irretrievably lost! By email, you will return them by making them loyal visitors. Email is far more powerful than Facebook, or social media to create a direct relationship. So before you focus on the Facebook page, you should focus on capturing real, personal email addresses that you can contact directly and quickly with those interested in your business!

I'm not going to look at statistics at this time about how much e-mail vs. Facebook is accessing, how important, different, and relevant email communication is. You can search for them alone, and I'm convinced you'll convince yourself of what I'm saying.

If you are not currently collecting email addresses from your sites, customers, prospective visitors - potential customers, I'm sorry to announce that you are kicking over 90.3% of your market, from your personal traffic do not convert it efficiently!

Of course, this captured traffic can be used exceptionally in a marketing mix with Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Facebook Pages, and Groups, but we will discuss this issue again! The important thing is to move on to the first step and the most important! Get started as soon as possible to collect email addresses from relevant traffic. No SPAM. I will talk about this as well because I have found some people don't make this difference!

Email marketing is not SPAM because it assumes the consent of the person subscribing to your newsletter service and does not involve the purchase of mailing lists in the mass, which we consider to be an irrelevant and dubious practice. The email addresses you collect come from relevant traffic sources for your business and the systems they provide will give users the ability to unsubscribe with just one click.

Resources for Email Marketing
Email marketing has specific features and activities. Some suitable for one type of business, others do not, but these techniques and techniques can always be tailored to the specifics of each business. And I insist on the idea of adapting ... each method has its purpose, its specific techniques that correctly use increase sales and conversions. Do not ignore them, it just seems to you too "weird to say". I am referring in particular to the sales slogan. Below I will list some of these activities.

  • Autoresponder - without it there is practically no email marketing. I recommend Aweber.
  • Copywriting - you need texts that sell. Who sells the subscription to the newsletter. Selling products and other actions you want your subscribers to do.
  • Bait - also called magnet, BONUS, free. It is an electronic product (video, pdf, etc.) or physical or service. In most emails, make-ups use Electronic Bounce for easy-to-understand reasons: easy to create, without extra costs, easy to distribute, immediately accessible, etc.
  • A Newsletter - a preferred e-mail sequence sent weekly to the automated pilot. Why every day and not 30 days? Because if you send them news they will rarely forget about you!
  • OPTIN and Squeeze Pages forms for maximum and scientific conversion of traffic. You can measure conversions. Aweber offers such forms in their integrated service, but they are not as good and powerful as the Trhive Leads and Thrive Content Builder, one of the investments that should be made MANDATORY with Aweber.
  • Google Analytics - if you have not set goals and conversions in Google Analytics then you should do this as soon as possible. You will be able to monitor the conversion rate of both prospects and customers!
  • Blogging - to generate relevant traffic, you need to create articles about your niche, or at least a relevant blog with news and important events in your niche.
  • Adwords Campaigns and Facebook Ads - are not necessary if you are in the beginning and have no budget. But if you have a budget of $ 50-100 per month you could try with Facebook Ads. Facebook ads behave differently from Adwords. You should keep in mind that the world is not looking to give money when it sails on Facebook, so it's ideal to drag Squeeze Page with them and then come up with offers about your products.
  • Social media campaigns - create pages, groups, posts, and viral pictures. Be careful to direct this traffic to Squeeze Page.
  • Creating squeeze pages and different baits - you should keep in mind that if you do not have a very niche business, your customers are divided into several categories such as age, sex, monthly income, intelligence, experience, interest, and so on! The more you segment and list your list, the more relevant become your email marketing, so an email marketing that converts and does not raise your costs inefficiently.
  • Creating a relationship with the list - here is a fairly important process that sadly slips to some more enthusiastic people in an area of myth and ideology. The relationship with the list is important and it is created by offering much value either free of charge or paid. This relationship is built by a person who often creates a personal brand.
  • A Processor and Payment System - It's ideal to have an online payment and billing system, and it's also advisable to offer both recurring payment services or products.