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What is Google AdWords and How it Works?

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Google AdWords is one of the most effective advertising methods. It's a great way to quickly bring targeted Google visitors directly to your business website to promote the products or services you offer.

How and where can you communicate?
You can communicate through text, banners, and videos. All of them are going on Google Search and him partners like YouTube.

AdWords helps you in two big directions:
1. It can bring visitors interested in your product or offer that are in a search process and are just one step away from the purchase decision. If you wait for them on the site with the offer, the product, the benefits you are looking for and the right message, they will be yours! Make sure you don't get rid of them!

2. It helps to increase your brand awareness or products by bringing visitors who do not necessarily have an immediate interest in buying but have an interest in what you promote. In the meantime, they could become your customers.

Practically, with Google AdWords, you can reach the audience you want with the right message at the right time.

Google AdWords Advantages:
1. The promotion starts immediately, the visits starting to run from the moment when the budget is paid to Google.
2. The costs involved are fully controlled and known, and there is no danger of paying higher amounts than those initially discussed.
3. Receive particularly accurate and detailed reports of traffic that you will know at any time how the campaign goes, where you are and how much has been spent.
4. Because you know exactly how much you pay per click, you can make very accurate calculations of efficiency, reporting costs to results. For example, if for a visit you pay $0.1 and for every 100 visitors you have a sale, it means you pay 1 dollar for a sale. When your profit on a sale exceeds this amount, we can talk about profit!

One very important thing to remember is that you pay only unique visits, for example, if your ad was displayed 100,000 times but only 100 people clicked on it, entering on your site, you ar not going to pay the 100,000 views, just the 100 visits. Very mathematically and economically efficient at the same time.

How it works an AdWords campaign?
Quite simply, as far as you are concerned: you decide what words to bid, search the best words, then start receiving the paid visits as well as traffic reports and costs.

Is Google AdWords right for you?
To answer this question, you should keep in mind that Google AdWords will not bring any money into your account directly. You will pay for the services you provide, the users will be redirected to the website of your business, but from now on everything depends on the quality of the promoted services and the quality of your site. If a user reaches your page as a result of your campaign Google AdWords but he doesn't buy anything, you will spend money without winning anything. So you have to always keep in mind that the content on the internet means everything. So before you launch a Google Adwords campaign, optimize your site, and everything will go as you expect.

In conclusion, the method of promoting a site through Google AdWords is a highly effective one, increasing your site's visibility overnight at a known cost, giving you immediate and good quality traffic!


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Wow, an excellent and quite a useful post. I really like your thoughts and ways to add so many things related to Google Adword. Well, this is one of the great advertising methods, through which we can target the desired audience and can promote our services or products.