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SEO What is Google AMP and how it can help your site?


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53% of users that search something on mobile devices abandons a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, according to Google. Yes, users love speed, so, same Google!

Starting from these premises, a new AMP-Accelerated Mobile Pages project was launched in 2015 to bring a smile on the lips of online speeders. If you are a business owner or marketing specialist and you want users to have a better experience on mobile devices when interacting with your site, I invite you to read this article today.

What is Google AMP?
AMP is an open source project that aims to stream the content of web pages much faster on mobile devices. It was originally created for publishing sites only, but now works on any page that mainly has static elements (eg blog article, recipe sites, news sites, product page, and so on). You will recognize the pages very easily after the lightning sign and the AMP name in front of the description displayed on the search results page.


How can AMP help your site?
The biggest benefit is improving user experience on mobile. Since mobile devices are the main devices used by users, it is important to offer a site that loads quickly. On average, AMP pages load 3 times faster than non-AMP.

As the speed improves, the user will stay longer on the site, visit multiple pages, and the bounce rate will drop.

Taking into account all these factors, if the user has a more favorable experience on the AMP page, it will convert much easier. After all, this is the goal: users who reach our site convert, whether it's a sale, subscription to a newsletter or filling in a form.

What is the impact of AMP on SEO?
Google said the AMP will not be a direct ranking factor, but:

  • Site speed is a ranking factor, and if two sites, one AMP and one Non-AMP, complete, and the only difference between them is speed, Google will favor and show it higher in the results Search for the one who loads faster
  • If an AMP page has multiple clicks, the smaller bounce and users find the information to be relevant, again Google will favor such sites in positioning
The goal of AMP is to deliver the best mobile experience, and if you want more conversions or better CTR, you need to position yourself ahead of your competition with a much faster site, especially if most of your traffic comes from Mobile devices.