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What is online promotion?

Discussion in 'Useful' started by WebmastersMind, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. WebmastersMind

    WebmastersMind Administrative Staff Member Official Support SEO Expert Freelancer

    Online promotion means promoting the site or promoting it for the Google search engine. This is because Google has become the main search engine.

    Although it is said that if you do not exist in the online environment, you can think that you are not there, so it can be said that you do not appear in the results displayed by Google according to your chosen keywords.

    To promote an online site, it must be optimized in the first phase and then proceed to the online promotion campaign. Optimized, I refer to the source code of the site, with meta, images and all the more optimizing the site.

    Online site promotion campaign:
    • A layout is made of keywords, here are also keywords "long tail";
    • Building social media, Twitter, Facebook and Google accounts plus (at least) and linking the site to these accounts;
    • We are looking for niche sites and we are trying to gain references to our site (articles linking to the site, or simple links);
    • We are looking for niche directories and sign up for the site;
    The online promotion service is an action on a site that starts when it is optimized and lasts permanently, regardless of whether it is reaching the target for which it has ordered.
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  2. PrelanMC

    PrelanMC Guest

    social media is the best platformers were you can promote your business
  3. CyRaw

    CyRaw Well-Known Member Registered SEO Expert Freelancer Active Member

    It is a very difficult thing for begginers!

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