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What is the most profitable internet business now?

Wolf Soul

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Now a days no doubt .. the boom is for social networks.

See facebook and twitter. Their growth is amazing and they come up with new products.

You can create your own FB applications and invite the friends and community members to join your application

Also Twitter does provide better API. You can even search your tweets.
They will be returned as atom feed or json output

Great idea they posses :)


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Building a website is the first kind of business that you can create when looking to start an internet business in a particular niche in the market. Many people have done this with a micro niche, building a website and then profiting off of this small but profitable match. Google is a great place to find more information on this.


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Nowadays I find very popular being a Freelancer, but I tried to do it and it's not that easy, so now I dedicate to write on blogs and forums :)


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Have a look in Google Adwords tool, you can have a good overview of the demand and the competition. Easy rule: a niche is present where there is a high demand with a low competition...


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Hello everyone,

According to me the most profitable internet business is providing the services on the internet .
Other may be the posting the blogs and the articles submission.
Using the facebook and twitter are also the best for the online money.