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What kind of music do you like to hear?


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We all love to hear music, it's an activity that can motivate us so much and also distract our minds, it can help us to feel very well or even sad sometimes.
I personally like to hear sad songs, but I realized that it's something that it's not helping me because I tend to be down. Of course I have a lot of music genres that I love to hear, my favorite ones would be: Rock, Pop, Indie, Symphonic Metal, R&B, Alternative, and right now I'm staring to hear K-pop, don't ask me why.
I just wanted to know a little more about you and your music tastes because for me Music is life, I also love to sing, so this is something that I've been loving since I was a little kid. lady-gaga-million-reasons-video.jpg.846ada673b0069cf548f92d28ada1381.jpg