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What to do when the site consumes too much resources on shared hosting


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The shared hosting solution is limited in terms of allocated resources. Even if they are international providers who claim that resources are unlimited for marketing, in reality, this is impossible, as long as the physical server is limited.

Restrictions on the shared hosting solution are generally space, ram memory, processor, and simultaneous connections. Of course, this does not mean that you can not host an average website on a shared solution. In fact, there are quite large websites hosted on shared solutions, as long as they are well optimized from the point of view of consumption.

However, we often encounter situations when the website consumes resources over those allocated to the shared package, and the site owner does not understand why a period has worked smoothly and suddenly consumes too much. Situations can be multiple and varied, but in most cases, the solution lies in optimizing the site.

First, what does resource allocated to shared hosting mean? These sum up more, including memory, space, processor, and concurrent connections.

Possible scenarios
The shared hosting solution can consume excess resources, such as the allocated space. In this case, the website does not work properly or can not receive emails anymore. In this case, you can clear the space with unnecessary files or move to a larger space plan.

Excessive memory consumption can lead to site unavailability until this problem is resolved or, as the case may be, more memory allocation. If multiple simultaneous processes are consumed, the site could be displayed with an error.

There are only a few examples, depending on each site you may see various other forms of manifestation. A certain shared hosting package does not support a certain number of visitors, as there are many factors that depend on it, including the platform used, its optimization.

How can you solve the problem
First of all, when you purchase a hosting package, you need to know its allocated resources. Potential problems of excessive resource consumption even if visitors are not more can be some installed plugins that consume in excess, a PHP version wants old, viruses, infections of the platform that generates consumption, optimizing it for low consumption. For example, if WordPress is used, a useful plug-in that reduces resource consumption is wp super cache.

In other situations or other types of platforms used, it is advisable to get in touch with the programmer who handles site administration for a specific diagnosis.

Also, as a shared hosting provider, WebmastersMind constantly monitors accounts on shared servers so that in the event of excessive resource consumption, the owner will contact the owner for a mutually agreed solution to restore the proper functionality of the account. It is important that the site is constantly updated to the latest versions and optimized for low consumption.