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What type of hosting is right for WordPress?


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If you've built a site on the WordPress platform, you need to know what type of hosting suits. The perfect choice is influenced by various factors, including the resources the website needs.

Choosing a suitable hosting package can range from a dedicated server, virtual server to a shared hosting solution. Being a scalable platform, WordPress will work as well on any solution as long as the necessary resources are allocated.

Dedicated server

Buying a dedicated server refers to a physical server that will be used exclusively for your site without sharing resources with other sites. This solution implies greater security, the ability to make any desired changes.

However, a dedicated server is recommended only for large-scale projects, provided they are not affordable and involve minimal management knowledge.

Virtual Private Server - VPS

It is the optimal solution between a shared hosting package and a dedicated server. Basically, a VPS server can be compared to a rented apartment in a server where other neighbors live. This makes it easy to upgrade or downgrade allocated resources, being a scalable solution from this point of view.

Also, the costs are lower than with a dedicated server, but with greater stability than with a shared hosting solution.

Shared hosting

It is the most affordable option at the lowest cost. Shared hosting is the choice of the majority of WordPress site owners who are at the beginning of the road. Over time, they can upgrade to a dedicated VPS or server at any time.

The best hosting solution differs from project to project - blogs will choose a shared solution, online stores can start with a shared solution with the ability to upgrade to a dedicated VPS or server, as the need for additional resources increases.