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When Reading Reviews: Some Are Fake!

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When shopping for web hosting services you need to beware of a growing trend of fake reviews of various services which are actually just a list of services and options available through the host. These lists of redundant information are posted online as reviews, however there are little more than just a copycat list of services that you could find for yourself online.

It is Important the you seek Independent and Objective Web Hosting Reviews

There are thousands of different web hosting solutions available online today and with so many choices, features, options, bonuses and price structures out there, it is easy to become confused by the sheer abundance of information available, making it essential that you find objective and detailed reviews of the web hosting solutions you are considering.

Find Out More About the Help Desk System Provided

How does the help desk function? With a ticket that permits you to query and track the help desk reply or do they equate help desk with simply an exchange of emails? It is sometimes difficult to track emails as they can get caught up in a spam filter or you may misplace them in your own folders or delete them by accident. You can also lose the name of the original person who helped you or the person that you need to refer to in the multiple CC’s and BCC’s as your email is passed from help desk to tech department.

Make a List of Questions to Ask Before You Purchase

Make a list of your pre-sale questions if you cant locate any comments to your liking, and don’t be hesitant in contacting the company. With emails you can save the information provided by the company in a form of writing, which could be used at a later date if need, which is an advantage of emailing them as opposed to making a quick phone call. This way you can ensure how fast they respond to tickets.

All Guarantees Should be Money Back.

Many web hosting services do offer a 30 day guarantee if you find yourself dissatisfied, but not all of them guarantee that you will get all of your money back. Be certain to have a good understanding of their guarantees before you commit to their service. You should be especially cautious if you read reviews that reference a “check’s in the mail scenario,” unanswered calls to the company’s billing department, or requests for refund being promised, but not delivered.