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Where do you post banners on your blog?


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There is a lot discussion about monetization methods for a blog. Products, services, affiliate marketing, conversion rates - all are important if you want to earn a serious monthly income online.
Lately, the (wrong) idea has spread that banners are not converting. The world is so full of advertisements that it simply ignores the animated and colorful rectangles that urge you.

I have another opinion.
It is said that we like to buy but that we don't like to sell to us. When the visitor meets the offer, the sale takes place, whether or not it was a banner in the middle.

There are many factors that influence the success of a banner, but I want to talk about maybe the most important of them today: the location.

If you put a banner somewhere down the page, for fear of "disturbing visitors", no matter how good that banner is, it will leave you with empty pockets. So the first lesson:

Be courageous. Put the banners in visible locations on your blog.
I know what you're going to say: when I go into a blog, those banners are upsetting me. Anyway, I'm looking for content, and if I'm interested in something, I watch when I want all the banners and just give me a click.

The theory sounds good, but the truth is that the banners that jump ahead are the best. No matter how hard the banners on a site would be, if that site interests you, you will continue to enter it.

A popular site will remain so despite the annoying banners it displays. Of course, there is also a limit, but it is far beyond what the ordinary visitor thinks.

And now let's talk about the best places to place banners on your blog. A lot of people put them in the sidebar because there seems to be the obvious place to place. But those banners are not necessarily the ones that do best.

The locations I would like to try are the following:

1. Above all, near your blog logo.

If necessary, low the logo dimension to make free space for a banner of 728 × 90 pixels.

The advantage of a banner put there is that it is seen by everyone who enters the site, including uninterested visitors.

Any blog has a significant percentage of people coming in and out after a few seconds. In these cases, a banner with an offer might attract them to click on it, even if they do not read your articles.

2. Under Article
If a visitor reads one of your articles to the end, provided it is a good one, he will be more inclined to try one of your products.
Put a banner at the end of the article but above the comment section.

3. In the article
Advertisements inside articles have long proven to be extremely effective, perhaps because they are not perceived as advertisements.
You can enter text links that lead to the sales pages of the products you promote.

Also inside the articles, you can place image banners using a free plugin for WordPress, Simple Ads Manager.

4. In the sidebar
Obviously, the best-known location for banners in the sidebar. Here you can add as many banners as you want, one below the other, or even two on one line. The size of the banners you can put there depends on the chosen WordPress theme

Although it is not advisable to place banners right from the moment you open a blog, you must think about it from the start.
You need a WordPress theme that allows you to place banners in the places you want, the size you want.