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Why do we need to write articles?


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With Google "Penguin" and "Panda" everywhere, the SEO world can sometimes resemble a zoo. In building an SEO campaign, focusing on content is more or less important. By all the same advice on promoting a site, this time will become inefficient and new methods of promotion will need to be sought.

Penguin updates focus on creating articles in private and publishing them on high rating sites. At the same time, Google is pleased to adhere to its rules.

In time, you will see that your name will appear highlighted for a long time on search engines. Articles on site promotion and site optimization offer more popularity over a longer period of time than those in the press that are declining in popularity when their content grows. This makes the article writer's reputation grow above others as articles are more and more widespread.

If what you write is correct, readers will trust you as a writer and will follow your advice. Always a good description of some products can bring potential buyers.

This can only do good with your reputation.