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Why is google so popular?


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Hello everyone, I want to ask why Google is so popular? i have a website and having slow progress in attracting visitors. I don't know how to increase sales. Can anyone help me?
So, do you ask why google is popular? Unlike your site, google is an American company that manages the most popular search engine. To make as many visitors as possible recommend you to learn very well SEO and advertise the site on various social networks.
Good Luck!
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Millward Brown named it the most powerful brand in the world.
Google is easy to use, has an enormous database and most of the times you will find the answer you are looking for in the first result page. It also has many tools and they are all for free.
It is the number one resource for the majority of people. Google is very popular because we all know the name.
It is definitely the best search engine of our time and I am sure that it will remain in the near future.

Regarding your second question: you can generate traffic to your site by social bookmarking and networking sites, and by posting on forums and blogs. You must also have a relevant and fresh content. The visitor needs only a few seconds to decide if the information he sees is useful or not, because you not only want to attract but also keep him on your site and probably make him return too.


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Google is the largest search engine that indexes existing sites very well in a legitimate way, it is very easy to use, quickly and with a nice design. To attract visitors you need to learn SEO, down you have some things to do, just some, not all!

Page Title
SEOs use unique titles for each page. The title of the page refers to the HTML tag "TITLE" and not the title of the article itself. Titles have to be unique (synonyms can be used to avoid duplicate content).

The title of the articles
The main title (HTML tag H1) contains the key phrase. For secondary keywords, the tags H2, H3, H4 ...

Internal links
The content of a page should have an internal link to another page on the site with relevant content. It is a basic SEO practice that keeps the visitor attentive and helps the Google robot to better index the site.

External contextual links

These links will direct the visitor to an external site in such a way that the external page opens in a new window. Use "_new" or "blank" for the TARGET attribute:
<a href="http://google.com" target="_new"> Google.com </a>


The "robot.txt" file is located in the main directory of the site. If the site is not indexed by search engines, robot.txt is the first thing to edit. When installing Joomla or Wordpress, the file is automatically created in the main directory.

This file is very important to search engines - it will force robots to index every page in the site. It can be generated for free on the web (search on Google) - upload to the main directory, then to Google Webmaster Tools is added to the site.

Navigation bar
Every main page in the site should be in the navigation bar. It is an element that must be visible and easy to locate.
You can use a navigation bar at the bottom of the page that has the following links: Home, About Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Contact. These are basics that Google favors.

Design, Blog, Meta tags.


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Google gives excellent service to its visitors that's why most of the visitors unconsciously suggest to their friends to use google every time they make search on the web.

Same to your site, do the same thing Google did. Offer great and informative content and service to your clients and visitors and there's a big possibility that they will suggest your site to others too.