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Why Social Media cannot replace a website


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When it comes to a business, establishing an online presence is essential in the same parameters as budgeting and managerial planning. A brand, nowadays, cannot survive if it is not present in the online environment.

So before you're on social networking, it's essential to register a web domain with a hosting account to create a website. Later, social networks and traditional promotional methods are used to capture traffic on the site. Nevertheless, a Facebook page will not be able to replace the professionalism of a website or an independent online presence.

Most register a domain to create a presentation website or blog. In the case of online stores, however, the website is indispensable because it is the source through which product orders can be made. At the same time, the website is the best tool for educating and encouraging customers about marketed products. Moreover, a website can stimulate customers' capture in the physical store, where it exists.

Social Media Role - Small businesses do not always have financial resources for advertising and marketing. For this reason, sharing content on social networks is the most accessible method. However, the Facebook page cannot replace the web domain, along with a professional email address and a presentation of your business.

Moreover, social media networks were not originally designed for business, but for individuals. For this reason, if you want to promote the content, you will have to pay by this intermediary.

Last but not least, you are not sure about the person behind a social page compared to a website where you have a contact page, an email address, and a physical address. Unfortunately, unfortunately, all types of ads or news that may or may not be true are on social networks.

Another disadvantage for an online business that only uses social media is that it can not build an independent brand. Therefore, it will never be able to provide the same control and the satisfaction of having its own web domain.

So if you want a business in the online environment, start by registering a web domain and a hosting service that will later be promoted on social networks through various posts and content releases relevant to readers to capture traffic on the site.