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Why the reputation of your email address is important


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Your business is a brand - when you interact with customers, they build a certain image about you and have certain expectations. Thus, immediately after the first interaction, you will have a certain place occupied in the mind of the client. In the online environment, reputation is more difficult to highlight, as certain details, such as clothing, physical appearance, facial expression, mimics, gestures, intonations, etc. are lost in the image.

The clues to the irreproachable reputation of an email are limited
Compared to an individual's reputation, the ways in which email can be impeccable are limited. For this very reason, it is important to take advantage of any opportunity to create an online image worthy of a respectable brand.

Take control of your email address
The notion of email marketing is increasingly being used to promote an online business. Having an email address like @gmail, @yahoo, or @hotmail is enough, but not always enough.

Why is not it enough? First of all, because it is an email address used for mass marketing, associated with a wide range of users. Secondly, because most of the right names are already taken and you can only write an address with inappropriate characters or numbers. So if you want to show your professionalism, you will not use such an email address, but you will use an address for a web domain name to represent the brand.

Therefore, you need to register a web domain and create custom email addresses. In another order, the reputation of the email consists of other factors such as response time, grammatical accuracy, language and characters used. Today, email is the most widely used means of interacting in the online environment - both for personal purposes and for large companies, as support is provided through email.

Carefully choose the domain extension
Depending on the audience your business is addressing, the email address will need to be up to date. For example, if you have a business targeting target audience in USA, it would be ideal to have a domain and an email address with the .US extension.

Opt for full name registration
If you have a business named in a certain way, opt for the web domain with the same name - do not choose abbreviations or substitute characters, as it will create confusion. For example, if the web domain is ''business.us", an official email address could be "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" etc.

Apart from these aspects, the reputation of an email is also highlighted by sending serious, first and foremost emails. If an email sends unsolicited messages, called spam, it will no longer be credible in the end consumer's view.

Another very important aspect, and yet neglected by managers, is the IP used to send emails. For a clean online identity, it is recommended to opt for a dedicated IP, in order not to risk blacklisting an IP shared.

Noteworthy is that the impact on the user starts from entering the email in the Inbox, the subject of the email and the address it is sent to - if these items are respected, the purpose of reading the email is most likely to be many times, touched.