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Why we are addicted to mobile phones and not to tablets


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Mobile phones continue to revolutionize our day-to-day activities and the way we do it. On average, a user checks the mobile phone 150 times a day. The speed with which technology evolves makes us always want the latest mobile devices that have many options in addition to the previous generation. Battery life, new applications, higher performance processors, or Internet connection speed are just some of the options that mobile phone makers continually improve. We spend around 3 hours a day using the phone to set up appointments, respond to emails, or simply read the press.

With the optimization of mobile phone sites and the increase in screen size, it has become much easier to read articles or books. Among the favorite smartphone owners' activities include checking emails, searching for useful information on the Internet or writing messages. While tablets and laptops offer users some benefits, which are the most important reasons why I prefer mobile phones:

Whether you go to the office, watch a movie or wait for the bus, your mobile phone is always handy. Tablets are more used for passive activities such as watching a movie or a video, while smartphones help us connect with people around us through messages or social networks and stay up to date with the latest news. Most users own both a smartphone and a tablet or laptop that they use either separately or at the same time. In most cases, users are careful to take their mobile phone with them even if they have already taken their tablet or laptop. After all, the smartphone is the first thing we check out in the morning, and the last thing before falling asleep.

They have a more performance camera than tablets
Besides the fact that mobile phones are smaller than tablets, they come "packed" with a camera that allows you to take sharp pictures. On average, cameras have 8MP tablets, while smartphones even reach up to 16 MP. Developers seem to pay much more attention to improving the smartphone's camera than a tablet. One reason is tablet size, which causes the user to use both hands to take a picture.

The latest applications are available for smartphones
With the emergence of high-performance tablets (2010-2011), manufacturers promised to develop special applications for this type of mobile device. Smartphones have gone ahead, reaching more than 1 billion users in 2012. The number of people who own a smartphone continued to grow, reaching more than 2.6 billion in 2014, and specialists believe that up to by 2020, more than 90% of the world's population (6.1 billion) will own a smartphone. Considering that only a few hundred million people have a tablet, application developers have been geared towards creating smartphone applications, not tablets. So the best apps and games first appear for the smartphone and then decide if the tablet version is also created.

Although smartphones offer users a number of advantages, it does not mean that they are the best solution. Depending on your specific needs, choose to use a smartphone, tablet or laptop.


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We all are addicted to both, but, talking about a general view, I have to say that nowadays, we depend so much of our phones, actually this is more like a necesity that the world in which we live force us to use them, you can do so many things just by spending minutes in the phone, paying bills for example, so, this is something more basic right now. The sad thing (and I feel like an old man saying it) is that we could lose so many great moments out there and the new generation of children won't ever live a "simple" life like I had for example, but well, this is something that has happened before.