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Why you need to backup your site


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A backup service is essential to your business. The entire database, which includes site pages, images, texts and other essential information, needs to be backed up by a powerful backup service. Without a backup service, your site is permanently exposed to hazards, whether we are talking about a malfunction to your computer or laptop you are working on, the unintentional deletion of essential information for the good functioning of the site, or the penetration of a hacker data. However, studies conducted on this topic show that 40% of small and medium businesses do not use a backup service.

The frequency with which your site is backed up is another essential element and depends on how often the content of the site is added and modified. To make sure your business is safe, it's best to make a backup after every change you've made to your site. In the case of an online store that needs to be permanently updated with new content, it is best to make a backup once a week.

As mentioned above, without a professional backup service, your business data is exposed to hazards at all times. The most common issues that may occur are:

  1. Hackers - when it comes to your business, not just to assume, but to make sure it is safe. A malice in building the site will be exploited to the maximum by hackers around the world. Companies such as Master Card & Visa, Nissan, DropBox have been hit by hackers entering the database.
  2. Malfunction of the server where the site is hosted - although these have developed with the technology, there is a possibility that a server will not work anymore. If you do not prevent such situations, your business may be affected in the long run. Contact the company that deals with the hosting and security of your site and asks for information about the backup options it offers.
  3. Unintentional deletion of important data - a work colleague may erroneously erase data and files that are essential to the day-to-day performance. Risks increase even more if you work at home, children or guests can have much easier access to your laptop or computer.
The most important reasons to choose a backup service:
  • increase safety;
  • easy to use;
  • quick access to all your data;
  • in case of disasters, your data is safe;
  • flexibility.


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In the past I had a blog where I didn't get importance to providing a backup. So, after some time when I decided to change the theme, all my work went away ... Since then, backup is the first thing I do to increase safety.