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Solved Win $0.41 - What is crawling in SEO?

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Win $0.41 - What is crawling in SEO?
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The correct set target of an SEO campaign is to increase the visibility of the site in organic results for relevant non-branding terms. This is, however, a direct consequence of improving the site's positions in SERPs for those searches, that is, a matter of Ranking.

Before discussing Ranking, however, there are two other stages that are often overwhelmingly passed by both site owners and certain SEO service providers. These two steps are Crawling and Indexing.

The web is like a public library that always enriches its collections, with billions of books, but no centralized registration system. Without these two steps when we are looking for something, like ''cats'' we will see all the sites where are written the word cat, not we images, video content or useful informations.

Question: What is crawling in SEO?


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Crawling in terms of SEO is a search engine, its job is to analyze a website on the index by following the links it founds, it reviews all the data ranging from documents, pages, images, files, news, videos and others, to find its relevancy.
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