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Solved Win $0.85 - Who is the chairman and co-founder of Facebook?

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Win $0.85 - Who is the chairman and co-founder of Facebook?
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One of today's most successful social networking sites is Facebook, which, despite having a little funny history behind it, is becoming more and more serious every day. That means it is starting to make money in an industrial way.
Facebook is a virtual universe, where we feed our curiosity, admire the new images with those we know. We are amused, wondering, or simply looking at the new photos posted by "buddies" in their closets. We have the privilege of looking at no extra cost to the time or internet subscription. We do it discreetly, without the guard or knowledge of the one we look at.

The maximum limit of friends of a Facebook user is 5,000 (anyway you have to be an important person to have 5,000 friends). Those who struggle with this limit have the opportunity to turn their Facebook profile into a web page (a kind of local mini site) that can be watched by fans who become fans of it.

Monetization: Although there have been a good number of years for an impressive number of users. Facebook has made its first profits in September 2009. The use of the site is free to its users, with revenues coming from displaying banners (some rights to display them with Microsoft). When Mark Zuckerberg said in November 2008 that Facebook monetization after the search engine model would not work, the site also earns money from (surprise ?!) the display of advertising banners, but with some notable differences from what we all know on other sites.

Question: Who is the chairman and co-founder of Facebook?
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