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Solved Win $1.49 - What is Google Adwords?

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Win $1.49 - What is Google Adwords?
The last contest can be seen here.
If you haven't read the competition rules click here, and if you are a new member then read the forum rules here.

Because no one answered to the last contest, today we will add $0.55 to the question with the prize of $0.94. ----->0.55+ 0.94 = 1.49

It has certainly happened to us many times to become the customers of some of the companies that we found online. Why not use the same incredible benefits that Google AdWords offers to attract new customers to people who regularly use Google to search for the products and services they offer?More and more companies are turning to this type of advertising daily. In this context, online competition is steadily rising, with the risk that a poorly managed campaign is reflected in losses instead of the profit.

Question: What is Google Adwords?


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It is a online marketing system that people use it and works to give promotion to your business, it help you to sell products or services and also to increase the traffic on your website.
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