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Solved Win $1.68 - What country has the fastest internet connection?

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Win $1.68 - What country has the fastest internet connection?

Our last participant who won the contest yesterday wanted to donate the money he earned back. So, we decided to add that amount to today's contest for you 0.88 + 0.80. So you can earn more by answering just one question. If you're still wondering how to make money online easily, with a simple search and a beautiful wording, your money is yours. Good luck! Thank you RePubLikA!

Yesterday's contest can be seen Here.

What is the internet?

The Internet is a vast network of computers (many computers connected to each other) that connect between millions of smaller networks around the world.
On the internet network can be connected all types of computers. All computers connected to the Internet exchange information. This huge computer network is not controlled by any one government or organization, does not have a single administrator. However, some networks connected to the Internet is controlled by certain companies. Initially, the computer precursor network of the Internet was designed to help researchers and who worked in the educational field to work more efficiently in the sense of exchange data and documentation.
Speed is important, especially in business.
Once an online business has started, webmasters become more preoccupied with promoting it - first in search engines, and then on other relative sources. In addition to promoting, graphics and improving functionality, very few focus on the speed at which visitors handle - which is a very important factor that can influence the productivity of an online business.
It seems that from the perception of Internet users, who every day become more and more attentive at the speed at which they can access information, they not only feel extremely disturbed when a page loads low, but psychological studies reveals that while they wait for the page to load, the page loads 15% harder than in reality - the longer take a web page to loading, the more he gets angry and without patience.
The negative impact of the load time of a web page is demonstrated by the massive investments of large companies that are trying to do their best to increase the speed of their pages. As proof, Amazon.com has increased its profits by 1% every 100 ms earned, and Aol says that since it has optimized its website, users generate 50% more pageviews.

Question: What country has the fastest internet connection?
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