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Solved Win $4.03 - What Does SEM Stand for?

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Win $4.03 - What Does SEM Stand for?

The winner of the last contest didn't want to give me his PayPal address to transfer the prize. So the amount of $3.14 will be reported on the today contest + the value of daily question $0.89 = $4.03
Last contest can be seen Here.

If we have already spoken about SEO, today we will talk about SEM.
If you are looking for quick results, you can start a SEM campaign. This is a faster way to attract the target audience to your website and, implicitly, more traffic. The campaign lasts as long as the budget allows, and when it ends, the traffic will remain the one from SEO. In other words, if you are looking for fast results, use SEM, for long-term results use SEO.

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Question: What Does SEM Stand for?

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